Welcome to Threadheads

Welcome to Threadheads

People often ask us why t-shirts? Why get into such a competitive industry? Blah… blah… blah… Our response is always the same. Because we love it!

For me it began in the early 80’s. We’d go to the Gold Coast for summer holidays and while most kids were at the beach or playing arcade machines (which was also awesome), I spent just as much time in the old t-shirt transfer shops. Checking out all the groovy transfers on the walls and in the booklets was just brilliant. I’d pester my dad endlessly until I was able to buy several of the latest designs. The smell of a freshly pressed vinyl transfer t-shirt was the best!

So for me to be able to print t-shirts for a living is about as good as it gets. Being able to source and print cool designs for other people is definitely what I was meant to do with my life!

So that’s why we started Threadheads… Because we’re all just a bunch of crazy t-shirt aficionados. Naturally we hope you like what’s on offer but even if you think the shirts suck then that’s good too. It gives you an opportunity to open up your own Threadheads store so we can help you sell some shirts that don’t suck! So get on board and let’s make some t-shirts together!